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They're Just Bread Crumbs,
Until You Try Them!

PRICE: $5.00

No preservatives.

Ingredients: bread crumbs, oatmeal, cheese (pasteurized milk, cheese culture, salt enzymes). May contain seeds.

For best results, press bread crumbs firmly into product.

Packed at 1922 Route 9W Milton, NY 12547
Processed in area that may contain nuts.

Please note that the shipping charge for
1 bag is $4.00 ~ 2-5 packages cost $12.65
anywhere in the U.S.

Don't Believe Us?
Ask some of our customers...

"I love this product! I use them a few different ways. Sometimes I use them to coat pork chops which was an instant hit with my children. I've also used them in my meatball mix and they give my meatballs such a delicious flavor! The blend of spices give food a nice kick but without overwhelming the dish. I will no longer use store bought breadcrumbs since discovering Kirkalino's Seasoned Breadcrumbs!!"
~ Shaunte Hess

"I have been coming to your deli for years just to buy your chicken cutlets. My family, especially my son, absolutely loves your chicken sandwiches. They are so delicious each and every time we come. We have never had better! My son came home (after getting another chicken sandwich) and told me you are now selling your breadcrumbs with which you make your cutlets. I came down and purchased a bag and tried to make them at home, Well they taste just as delicious as yours! The spices and oats and crunch are perfect! I have also used them on vegetables and fish and we love that too. I have to say you have made our family very happy! I can honestly say I will never use another breadcrumb! I promise I will still come to the deli but I will probably be making my own chicken from now on!
~ Maria and Family